Consignor Instructions

Step 1: Register to Consign

Click on the links above to register as a new or returning consignor. This will bring you to our account login screen. New consignors can click on “Need a consignor number?” just below the login to register to become a consignor.

Step 2: Prepare, Price & Tag

Gather the items you’d like to sell then use our automated system to enter your items online.  Prepare & tag your items according to our instructions & guideline. (Download & read our Consignor Letter & Instructions – see links above)

Step 3: Drop-Off

Login to your Consignor account and sign up for one of our designated drop-off appointments. Bring your items to drop off where we will review and inspect your items.

Step 4: Pick up or Donate

Pick up any unsold items during our designated pick up times or choose to donate them to charity. Please note: Any unsold/unclaimed items are donated to a charity, The Children’s Clothesline will never keep or profit from any unsold items.

Accepted Items & Item Limits


Item Allowance

New Consignors: 200 items

Returning Consignors: 125 items, with Item Allowance increases based on past sell thru.  Sell well, Sell more!


"Proven Sellers"

Returning consignors who have a proven “sale record” may be elevated to Proven Seller and have their consigned item limit raised to a higher amount. A proven seller is a consignor that has excellent quality gently used items and has a good sell through rate.


Limits on 0-18 months

It is a simple supply & demand issue for these size ranges. We receive an abundance of these sizes yet shoppers don’t buy as much in these sizes for the simple reason “kids grow through them so quickly”. Below are our limiting requirements going forward. Each consignor is allowed to bring 25 items per size/per gender for 0-18 months. There are no limits on sizes 24 months and up.

Accepted Items

Clothing – Children’s clothing newborn to preteen size 20; hats, christening gowns, special occasion clothing, etc.  Please remember, a rip is still a rip and a stain is still a stain.

Nursery & Children’s Furniture – Cribs, changing tables, dressers, bassinets, cradles, gliders, rockers, ottomans, youth beds, twin beds, etc.

Baby Equipment – Exersaucers, strollers, bouncers, swings, baby monitors, diaper pails, booster seats, high chairs, new baby bottles, boppy pillows, diaper bags, new cups, new feeding accessories, bathtubs, potty seats, etc.

Nursery Décor and Accessories – Curtains, pictures, lamps,  frames, mobiles, wall hangings, piggy banks, toy boxes, night lights, etc.

Infant / Children’s Bedding –  Bedding sheets for bassinets or cradles, bedding  sets for children, receiving blankets, baby blankets, changing pads, head supports, etc.

Shoes – Boots, sneakers, sandals, slippers, all must be in excellent condition!

Costumes – Halloween, dance, dress-up outfits, accessories, etc.

Outside Toys & Equipment – Big plastic toys, yard toys, slides, sandboxes, wagons, riding toys, tricycles, play yards, playground sets, etc.

Children’s/Baby Toys – Books, games (board, computer and video), puzzles, dolls, electronic toys, pull toys, trucks, action figures, block, etc.

Children’s Music & Videos – DVDs, CDs, VHS and video games – Please no NC17, or R rated materials

Maternity – clothing (in style and in good condition), pregnancy books, parenting books, etc.

Unaccepted Items

  • Any recalled item (
  • Cribs
  • Car Seats, booster seats, car seat bases
  • Crib mattresses (it is illegal to sell these in Massachusetts)
  • Used pacifiers, bottles, cups, spoons or other feeding accessories
  • Used hair ornaments (headbands, barrettes, etc.)
  • Used onesies, underwear, nursing bras or socks
  • VHS Tapes
  • DVDs or Videos with NC17 or R ratings
  • Opened personal care products such as baby powder, soaps, lotions, etc.
  • Pool Toys
  • Stuffed Animals or Beenie babies
  • Jewelry – due to lead recalls
  • Magazines
  • Juniors clothing sizes (0, 1, 2, etc.)
  • Adult Clothing – misses or men’s clothing
  • Bedding that is not for children
  • Toys from fast food restaurants
  • Perishable Items
  • Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (bags of all army toys, all Barbie toys, etc.)

Tagging Instructions

ITEM ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, April 23rd @ 6:00am

Below is a brief overview of how to tag your items for our sale, for detailed instructions, tips & pricing guidelines please download and read our Consignor Letter & Instructions.

TAG PLACEMENT: Tags for clothing and other similar items should be attached to one of two places depending on whether you are using safety pins or a tagging gun.

  • Safety Pins – Attach tags to the upper right hand corner of the item (when you’re looking at the garment).  For shirts, this is the shoulder area.
  • Tagging Gun – Tags should be attached to the inside “tag” on a garment or through the seam of garment to avoid damage.
  • Tags may also be secured to items with plastic zip ties whenever possible,(i.e. through belt loops of pants, grommets of shoes, buckles on belts, toys, etc.)

HANGING ITEMS: Hangers should face left so that the hanger resembles a question mark (?) when you are looking at the item.

SHOES: Attach tags and keep shoes together using “zip” ties, ribbon or string.  Shoes can also be put in Ziploc bags with tag attached to the outside of the bag.

BOOKS/VIDEOS/DVDS: Tags can be attached to these items with tape as long as removing the tape will not cause damage to the item.  We reserve the right to discount any item damaged by tape removal.  Do not tape over the bar code on your tags, the scanner will not be able to read your tag if tape covering the barcode

BABY EQUIPMENT/FURNITURE/TOYS/OTHER ITEMS: Tags should be attached in a secure manner with cording, string, tape or nylon cable or “zip” ties.  Keep in mind that we may need to remove the tag at check out so make sure it and will not cause damage to the item

TOYS: Toys must be in excellent condition.  Electronic toys must have batteries when consigned to insure the item is in full working condition. Toys without working batteries will be removed from the sales floor. Toys that have small or loose parts should be secured in a Ziploc bags and attached securely to the toy.  Be sure to write your consignor ID and item number on any Ziploc bags in the event they are separated from the toy.

We can always be reached via phone or email to help with any questions related to tagging and/or prepping your items.

Supplies You May Need:

  • Access to a computer & printer
  • A Good pair of scissors
  • White card stock for tags
  • Ziplock bags
  • Packing Tape to secure items in Ziploc bags
  • Plastic Zip Ties
  • Hole punch if using safety pins
  • Tagging gun or Large Safety Pins – should be at least 1 inch long. DO NOT use straight pins or small gold pins

Drop-Off Information


Sunday,  April 3rd | 1pm – 6pm


Wednesday thru Friday – By appointment only, please email.


Monday, April 4th | 9am to 8pm


Tuesday, April 5th | 9am – 12pm

Standard Drop-Off Process

When you arrive at drop off we will:

  • Ask if you items are grouped by size & gender. All items MUST be grouped by size & gender prior to inspection. We ask that you sort your items at home prior to arriving at drop off. This helps our volunteers to get consignors through drop off quicker and get items out on the sale more efficiently.

If your items are not sorted by size/gender, we will ask you to step aside to sort your items while we move on to inspect the next consignor. Once your items are sorted we assign you to an inspection table.

  • Assign you to an inspection table
  • We inspect hanging items first, then non hanging items.
  • We’ll ask you to lay your hanging items in piles on the table by size/gender, smallest to largest.
  • We’ll inspect clothing and equipment for quality and condition.
  • We’ll check your tags to insure they comply with our instructions and are properly attached. See tagging instructions for proper placement.
  • Confirm your registration information & distribute Pre-sale wristbands.
  • Please be prepared to assemble or bring assembled any large items (high chairs, playhouses, etc.).

Drop-Off Takes About 15-30 mins

Please plan on at least 15-30 minutes to drop off depending on your amount of items and time of drop off. Our busiest times are early morning and evening. We will do our best to get all consignors through as quickly as possible.

Drop & Go Process

Drop & Go is just that, you drop your items off, check in and go! Drop & Go appointments will be noted “Drop & Go” at sign up. We will go through in inspect your items later and put them on the sale floor. We will inspect and put your items out onto the floor later in the day when there is a lull in drop off. Be sure your items are prepped correctly, sorted properly and meet all our guidelines.

What you need to know to do a Drop & Go?

  • You should bring your items in containers that don’t need to be returned. If you use bins be sure to label bin & cover with your name and consignor number. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bins left at the sale.
  • Items MUST be sorted by size & gender. Items not sorted will be pulled during inspection. All prepping instructions MUST be followed for items. We will assess a $25 fee for items not prepped properly that we have to fix (bags not taped; toys not secured properly; pants not hung properly; etc.)
  • Items rejected for stains, tears, outdated, wrinkles, prepped incorrectly, “out of season” or “not accepted” will be pulled during inspection.
  • Items pulled during inspection marked NO DONATE will be put out back for the duration of the sale then be sorted back into your pick up pile on Sunday.
  • Items pulled during inspection marked DONATE will be automatically placed in donations or discarded.

The Children’s Clothesline reserves the right to refuse any item during inspection or to remove any item(s) from the sales floor that do not meet our standards. Any item pulled for this reason may be returned to you at the end of the sale or disposed of if marked for donation.

Pick-Up, Donations & Checks

Consignor Pickup

Consignor pick up will be on Sunday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. Any unsold items must be picked up during our designated Consignor Pick Up Hours. We have no way to store items after a sale so any items not picked up by the end of Consignor Pick Up will be donated to one of our designated charities. No Exceptions. 


Donated Items

Currently, all donations go to Cardinal Cushing Centers however, The Children’s Clothesline reserves the right to allocate some donated items to other charities. All donated items will go to a charity. The Children’s Clothesline will never profit from your donated items. The Children’s Clothesline reserves the right to disposed of any item that are marked for donation but does not meet our standards.

Consignor Checks

Checks are mailed 30 days from the date of each event. You receive a base of 60% of your sales. Your sales and any extra percentages will be calculated and your check will be mailed 30 days from the date of each event.